Preparing your property for Matterport 3D Scanning and Photos

When getting a home ready to be scanned and put up on a listing, there are a few things that will need to be done in order to get the best possible results. 

Preparing your property

A home should be cleaned as though you were to show it in an open house. This includes stowing any personal items (including: Personal Id's, Data senstive matrial, personal photos, etc) away. 


Not all homes can be professionally staged due to people's circumstances, time, and money involved however having a home that is staged and flows well from room to room not only ensures a great looking home but also an easier home to navigate in a Matterport tour. 

Lighting and Time of Day

Lighting is important in any photoshoot however for Matterport this is even more relivant. When getting a home ready for Matterport be sure to turn on any and all lights to help insure uniform lighting across the property. Time of day is also impotant. The Matterport Camera uses IR (infrared light) to figure out its position in space. The sun also gives off infrared light, which can mess with the sensors in the camera causing a missalignment issue in certian situations. This means if you would like to get a lanai in a Matterport walkthorugh the best time of day would be early morning or early eveningas there is less Infrared light in the sky.  

Limit the amount of people in the home

The Matterport 3D photography utilizes a spinning camera that makes it much more difficult to keep people out of the shot. If possilbe it is best if the photographer can work alone to insure that no one is in the frame. 

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